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PINTEREST: Should You Market on this Picture Social Network as a Realtor?



Facebook, Twitter: you know them. But what about Pinterest? Does is vaguely evoke something? Are you on it? Or are you completely unaware of it?

What Are The Benefits of Being on Pinterest?

The benefits to be on Pinterest are various and as a real estate professional, this social network specializing in the sharing of photographs can be a real asset.

Provoking interest Thanks to Pictures

advertise through pinterestPictures in the real estate search is crucial and several trends show that:

• The real estate search by photo explodes;
• The consultation of an advertisement is multiplied by 10 when it display a photo;
• The picture is the first criterion for an announcement taken into account by the purchasers and future tenants;
• Some users wish to filter their search showing only properties with photos…

In addition, the images speak to us and capture our attention. Thus, the picture marketing is increasingly in vogue, and brands have clearly understood that fact. So what about real estate agents? Have you ever thought to communicate through images?

After focusing on how to use your photos in your ads in a previous article, we will now show you the interest to be present on social networks dedicated to the pictures and especially on Pinterest.

The Operation of Pinterest

Founded in 2010 by three Americans, the principle of Pinterest is to share centre of interests or passions through photographs. This social network of the image brings together over 70 million users worldwide.

Its use is very simple. Simply “pin” the photographs in connection with your centers of “interest” on a table, called a “board”. You can create multiple tables depending on your areas of interest. Hence the name: Pinterest.

Adding visuals can be done via downloading from your computer or other terminals via the “Pin it” button. You can also select the table on which to add your visual and insert a caption.

Three Advantages to Make your Real Estate Website Visible on Pinterest

1- A Better Brand Image

real estate listings in PABeing present on social media networks brings a dynamic and modern touch to your agency’s image. On Pinterest, you can create a table more fun with photos of wacky ads, or bring together the most original real estate properties in Pennsylvania and even in the world. Even if you do not interact with your customers or prospects, this will give you a good image and will impact positively your e-reputation. A prospect looking for a professional to handle their real estate project will be seduced by your presence on Pinterest and will surely remember you.

2- A benefit for the SEO of your website

Social networks are good for your brand image, but also for the SEO of your website. Like on Facebook or Twitter, you can add links to your website and to your photos. This will have the effect of sending quality links to your website, and thus be beneficial for your positioning in the pages of Google results. And if your picture is pinned by other users, your links will multiply!

3-Generate leads

An individual looking for a property or land to build the house of their dreams, can use Pinterest to pre-screen real estate properties’ photos that meet their criteria and taste. Thus, they can land on your page Pinterest and “pin” the picture of a the house or apartment you have for sale. This may be a first quality contact…

Some Ideas for Your Pins

• Properties for sale or to rent from your portfolio
• Lands cottages, manor houses and other properties for sale
• Your property by specificity (example: with swimming pool, beachfront, etc.)
• Monuments and other characteristics for each city in your sector of activity
• Interior Designs
• Decoration ideas
• Atypical properties…

Tip: If you are already using twitter, you can to publish an image whenever you want, pin it on your Pinterest table and then allow automatic delivery to your Twitter account.

Feel free to share with us your experience and your communication strategy on Pinterest. Are you determined yet to create a Pinterest account?


Tips For Buying Real Estate Abroad



Well buying abroad is not an easy task, with caution and you should at least follow five rules before making an investment.

Burned by the financial markets, our citizens are interested in real assets like gold and real estate. Given the price of the stone in Europe, some are considering for their old age to buy an apartment or a villa abroad. And these are not offers that are missing. Advertisements boast of accession to property in Marrakech in Miami, or in Thailand and in many other countries.

First rule: go there

This is a note of common sense that few apply however, then recall the: go! You should never buy on catalogue,regardless of the beauty of the brochure or the technique used (often, you will be approached at a meeting privateInvitational with cocktail in a grand hotel – a technique that reminiscent of that used by the touts of scammers. And if you really try, you must go to the country first. For example on the occasion of holidays. It is much more cautious. You can thus collect many useful information, get you an accurate picture of the quality of the property, any nuisance and the political context of the country.

Second rule: to learn about the law

The notion of property can differ from one country to the other. For example, in Thailand, unless you are a citizen of this country, you will not, as a person physical, directly purchase land. You will be the owner of the House but not the ground,which will not facilitate the resale as you can you imagine. To have an interest in the land you will need to implement an often civil society with one or more Thais. Another example, the

Morocco. Make sure assets available do not obey Quranic law because such property can be acquired only byMoroccans. Each time you take all useful information on the applicable law. For this please feel free to consult a notary.

Third rule: well to decrypt the loan offers

You can take out a loan on the spot but be sure to properly decrypt the loan offer. Is this a fixed rate or variable rate loan? Many laws are much less the borrower abroad than in Europe, and you need to be careful. Preferably, try what is not easy to get a loan at fixed rate in Europe. Sometimes there is no notary and the Act is done under private seal.

Attention also of the exchange rate that can certainly be positive but also negative in a floating exchange system.

Fourth rule: pay attention to scams

Many commercials invite you to offer you price of the dream villas in the United States, particularly in Miami. With promises of resale in realizing gains of 100% over a period of time very short. With the bursting of the housing bubble, subprime and financial crisis, many Americans found themselves on the street and it is their goods which are offered forsale. Nothing says that at one time or another you will not be a procedure for a purchase at low prices and will not be worried by a “class action”, perfectly legal in the United States.
Fifth rule: inquire about applicable tax treaties

The country in which you want to buy your property entered into a bilateral tax agreement with Europe? If you rent and in the absence of agreement, you will pay a tax in Europe and in foreign countries. In Morocco, the TFR does not exist,but this property will be added to your global heritage, and suddenly, you will become perhaps liable for this tax in Europe. In Switzerland and Spain, the owner is imposed on the basis of the enjoyment of his property. In Portugal, there isa flat-rate taxation of land net revenues.

Buying a property abroad cannot be improvised.

Feel free to talk to a notary to your banker before making a decision. This is the the most important advice that you should remember.

Real estate marketing in Australia



Unspoiled land of immigration, Australia is a dream destination.

The largest island in the world has the highest rate of urbanization in the world with 93% of the 21 million people who live in town.

australian real estate marketThe country has been experiencing a real estate euphoria thanks to its position in the second financial center in the Asia-Pacific region. The real estate market is so dynamic and customer service, as often with the Anglo-Saxon, is an imperative, which results in a professional and competitive intermediation.

Throughout the month of June, we will discuss the best real estate marketing practices in Australia through several themes including:
– The use of the video
– The specific property ads
– Innovative services: iPad, iPhone, agency window
– The expanded ad serving: social networks, other
– Home staging

To start, let’s see how organized the Australian property market to better understand some marketing features. This will also allow you to put these items in a hexagonal context later. Property sales contain one or more of the following:

buy a house in OzExclusive mandate (Private treaty): the vast majority of sales in Australia are performed by real-estate agents exclusive mandate. This is one of the major differences from the French context where exclusive mandates certainly growing, represents only 19% in Ile-de-France in 2010 – which is higher than the national average. We shall see the great impact of this difference on marketing practices.

Auction. Auctions there are another form of sale practiced by real estate agents in Australia, and a sacred freedom that is far from in France. Getting into this kind of sale would be described as too liberal and would cringe our love of the regulatory framework. Look at this example VDO incredible sale. The most surprising is to see buyers divided in two places in the garden but they may not all be. The real estate agent Andrew Lutze the Cunninghams agency animates this sale remarkably, what talent!

Multiple Listing System (MLS): This is an aggregated database of all real estate listings agencies. All agents and share the ads. If an agent makes the sale of property that is not in its original portfolio, the commission is shared. This system is a kind of large-scale AMEPI and also exists in many English-speaking countries (USA, Canada).

Open House (Open homes): the collective and public tours are often organized on weekends and are family as an exit to the park.
Commission: it is around 3% plus marketing expenses expenses. It is far from a 6% commission in Europe. Apart from the agent’s commission, you will find information about the costs of a real estate transaction.

Smart ways to use LinkedIn for real estate



LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world. There are currently 277 million registered members since its launch in 2003, including 7 million in France. That makes 2 new members who join LinkedIn every second! These numbers are huge, so do not miss this exploration potential for your real estate agency

Linkedin logoThe first advantage of LinkedIn is to make themselves known to clients and potential visitors; that many people are unaware. Indeed, at first glance, many of them think that this site is dedicated to the search for employment, while LinkedIn is above all a business development tool!
Currently, it has become an essential way to increase awareness of a company. For example, this real estate agency network appears as a serious and willing to be known in the professional world.
This certainly requires time and effort but it is worth a visit.

To begin, we must first create a profile; namely that it is the basis of your project. When a visitor is led to look at your profile, the first few seconds are decisive. This one will know right away if it wishes to do business with you or not.

Here’s a guide 15 tips for using LinkedIn as a real tool for generating “leads”.


1. Professional photo

No one will recognize you if you do not see your face well!
In addition, the best photos are those that have a background with beautiful solid colors that highlight your face. As a real estate agent you made a representation trade; so you have to present yourself as professionally as the agency.
You should know that you can crop the picture so that when downloading coaching perfect.

2. Put a catchy title

The visible professional title under your name will appear throughout the site.
So use simple and clear terms. Here also stay clear unequivocal otherwise no one will understand you. Add your particular area, location remains the first search term in real estate.

3. You are more than your job

The biggest mistake people often make is that they exclude their non-work-related experiences. If you belong to various social networking groups or if you blog; made know. For a real estate agent have local commitments (member of a committee at the town hall, association, sports club …) is very important, this must be indicated on your LinkedIn profile. Thus, LinkedIn will connect you to this or these social networks for professionals and customers find you.

4. Create professional relationships that count

Take some time every month to update your contacts and add your new experiences; whether professional or not on LinkedIn.
A simple rule to add or not a contact: would you be comfortable calling that person by phone? If this is not the case do not add to your contacts.
This includes thinking systematically add your clients, what is the best way to play the word of mouth.
This will allow you to expand your relationships, share experiences and also work together. There is no barrier on LinkedIn; each in free choice to conduct its business as it sees fit.
A page “Do you know” is accessible. It allows you to add contacts that are linked to one of your training, one of your contacts … etc.

5. Work your recommendations

Get recommendations from its customers or professionals with whom we worked improves e-reputation. You will be recognized in your field. After the end of each transaction, consider asking your satisfied customers to be part of your contacts and ask them for a recommendation. The best way to get a recommendation is to ask yourself the desired people. Moreover, people can also do it on their own but this is quite rare because it requires a minimum of time. It is important to recognize the value of people’s judgments; it is a real motivator. You can also use opinions by sending the same recommendations to your contacts. You will see how you will be surprised the number of returned about you. A more common variant of the recommendations is now the conferring of powers that contacts can assign you.

6. Use your abstract wisely

Fill your resume intelligently so that information goes to internet.
Answer this question: “Why do you do what you do? “. About you, your past actions. Tell a “story” that exposes the things you have done so far.

7. Do not overlook the details

There is a LinkedIn feature that allows the addition of tools: this is to complete your profile content / skills from other websites.

For example, it is possible to add content to SlideShare.net, Twitter and WordPress. This will be providing a complete view of your digital presence to people who view your profile.

8. Feed constantly conversation

With a click and mouse movement, you can easily control the arrangement of the different sections that make up your profiles.
Beside each title on your profile, there is a directional arrow as an icon that allows you to reorganize and focus on parts of your profile to attract the eye of Internet users.

When loading your page as much data appears. If you drag up Internet users can see the information of primary importance. Your best asset as a real estate agent will have good recommendations of clients, reassemble this section as it becomes quite comprehensive.

9. Do not forget the benefits of SEO

If you put your public profile, search engines like Google and Bing will index the.
Take the time to optimize your resume using your own name instead of “I” or “me.”

You can also create a link between the desired site and your LinkedIn profile.


Finding The Best Real Estate Professional In Main Line Philadelphia



Well, if you have never bought or sold a house in Pennsylvania, the experience is exciting but at the same time challenging. This is especially compounded if you are not familiar with the area. The main line area has several suburbs that could auger well with your tastes and preferences especially with the help of a main real estate agent.

Suitable houses

The Main Line Area PennsylvaniaThe main line has a well functional railway as well as a good road network. You will therefore be at a position to access the city as well as the many shopping centers with ease. However, to find the best house for your needs, you will require an agent to negotiate your deal. He will ensure that the house is favorably priced.

Selling houses

If you are relocating to the city or another state then a main line realtor will help you with the sale agreement, evaluation of the house as well as development of the best marketing strategy. This ensures that your house will be able to compete favorably with other houses in the market and therefore the possibility of a good deal is high. A main line realtor understands the market sufficiently. Therefore, they are better placed to sell your house for its value faster and with ease.

There are many real estate professionals on the main line such as Main Line Home Center. This means that you will be required to make a choice as to the professional to work with. With the given level of competition among these professionals, it might be hard to make a choice. Here are a few tips on how to select the best professional to work with.

Knowledge of the market

Get a new residenceAn agent who understands the main line market very well is required. Therefore, you need to look at those professionals who deal with this area only. Those that deal with extensive areas will only have minimal to average knowledge of the main line market. They will therefore not be the best to use. Understanding the dynamics of the market is essential in making the best decision when it comes to buying or selling houses.

Level of skills and experience

Real estate agents Philadelphia main line have diversified skill level and wealth of experience. The skills have a great impact on the overall outcome of the transaction. It gives them an edge over their fellow professionals when it comes to negotiations. Therefore, having a highly skilled and highly experienced professional guarantees a good job. Selection should therefore be done in accordance to the skills and experience exhibited.

Cost schedules

These determine whether you will take up a realtor or agent or you will do it on your own. The cost is directly determined by the level of skills and experience as well as the magnitude of the work to be done. Comparing cost schedules of different professionals is advised before you contract somebody to work with you.

In addition to this, a main line real estate agent should be able to work with you comfortably. This means that their customer service skills should also be very good. Be sure to look up the details of any main line real estate agents you hire online to ensure you are getting value for your money.

Want to know more? Visit Facebook

Check Out These Wonder Tips About Reputation Management



Lots of new businesses do not make it especially online. Consisted of the potential problems they face is poor reputation management. However, knowing ways to handle your business’s reputation is essential, and you have to give it your best efforts to do it right.

online reputation is crucialFollow up is essential to consumers. This is even more crucial if your business is huge. They really wish to feel like something aside from a number. Implement some automated systems that will follow up with customers. Likewise, try inquiring for feedback on recent purchases.
Enhance web pages with important vital expressions to assist your online credibility. Typically, the company name is the term. The biggest search engines prefer authoritativeness. Your website will get more integrity if they see your company as official.
Watch on social media networks. A lot of people’s understanding originated from social networks today. Constantly reply to comments without delay, within a couple of hours if possible. Numerous businesses allow this part of their communication technique to slide, so you can obtain the advantage.

Always keep current when it concerns updates about the product and services you are offering. By doing this, you will certainly constantly be able to offer customers helpful details. Just read the news or take a look at Google to learn exactly what’s going on.
Be particular that your company’s social medial presence is carefully managed. Keep in mind that these pages are representative of you, and you want them to always have a favorable effect. Obviously, you want to reveal some personality, however keep the overall tone expert and businesslike.
Routinely carry out Internet searches by yourself company. If you discover misleading details, work to get it removed the Internet. If you can show actual evidence that it’s libelous, many site owners will not differ with removing it.
Trusted companies do exist that can help with the management of company credibilities. You can do a great deal of it yourself; however, with the explosion of social media, you require to monitor exactly what goes on online also. Working in a group like this can go a long way to keeping an excellent business track record.

As your company expands, you will get more interaction from customers.
This will include grievances that you have to attend to. In addition, you have to attend to everything professionally.

Do not ignore mistakes made by your firm. Your customers will certainly not be tricked. Easily admit your error, and humbly say sorry for it. The majority of consumers will respond well to this kind of sincerity.
It can be hard to stay calm when somebody talks bad about your business. The very best method, however, is to supply realities to combat the mistakes of the writer. When someone understands both perspective, they have the ability to make their own viewpoint.
It is clever to follow up with customers once they buy. It could be that their concerns do not arise till later down the roadway. Checking in can provide you with the opportunity of resolving any issues the client could have. A minimum of a month do an online look for your company. See exactly what comes up when you put your company name on Google. Make sure there are no unfavorable content or remarks on the site. Continuously track individual sources of unfavorable feedback, reviews and content. Do what you must to find the solution.

You need to set obtainable expectations based on how you carry out business. This means being upfront with consumers when you make mistakes, and make sure you handle it thoroughly. You’ll develop an excellent reputation by always being as transparent as possible.
If you are offering an item or a service, constantly provide a refund ensure with no questions asked. This is a crucial part of having a good consumer experience. You may lose money if a client returns a product, because you cannot simply put it back on the shelf. That said, you’re doing the best thing by your customer.

Understanding how to correctly manage your company reputation within your niche is definitely crucial. You should remain on top of things and avoid little issues from becoming large hindrances. Take this info to heart and watch your business grow.

Online payment: how to avoid scammers?



The e-commerce sites are attracting more and more customers, even if the traditional bank card fraud persist.
You will find some tips in this article to counter the business of online fraud.

How to avoid fraud?

Check twice rather than using one time security measures

Before making a purchase on the internet you must be attentive to the page on which you are about to make your payment.

We must check for a padlock on the browser window and the link will display a “https: //” or “http: //”.
After making a purchase, you must also ensure that you receive an invoice or a purchase confirmation e-mail or mail.

If all these steps are performed correctly, then the e-commerce site is reliable.

Choose another payment method

Payment by credit card is widespread, but risks remain. Mainly computer hacking, or fraudulent emails.

These techniques are certainly known, but still difficult to fight these days.

An example could be the payment via Western Union, where it is impossible to object or to have any trace of the delivery of money.

The banks, however, do not remain still without reacting: before the transaction to be effective, you will be sent a code by sms or you are prompted for your birth date or other personal information to complete the transaction.

Other means of payment, perhaps less used or less known, exist to overcome these disadvantages:

In making a Paypal payment, you do not have to give your bank information. Upon payment, PayPal will send a code to the customer by email that will allow it to complete the command.
With a prepaid card, offered by many platforms as paysafecard.com, you specify the number of the card that contains a predefined amount you have taken care of loading before. Each refill the card, the number changes. It is also possible to pay in stores that have a partnership with a prepaid card. Thus, you avoid theft of bank card, or that one catches your code when you type it in stores.

How to Spot Fraud on the Internet?

Do not go for it head down when buying online!

Search basic information and identifiable on the site in question:

Mobile_paymentsIs it easy to contact the seller, there is usually a service department, an email address in case of non receipt of the product?
Do customers leave reviews of this e-shop?

Of course, all opinions are not true, but by seeking the appropriate forum, you can quickly identify the degree of satisfaction and dissatisfaction buyers at these sites. If in doubt, prefer to play the card of caution

Make sure you are on the official site.

The only difference: the URL. There is a fault hardly noticeable in the name of the site or the domain is not the same (.org instead of .com, for example).
Last tip: Do not be tempted by too great discounts or offers to enter into the minute. These are often incentives to impulse purchases, where one does not pay attention to what we buy and especially how we buy it.

Housing crisis and real estate trends for 2015



The real estate market continues to crack down around the globe, and will leave in mind the strange landscape of silent and deserted alleys. The numbers are shocking, so-called oracles and experts never stop to give us bad news. Beyond the alarming prophecies, the daily market situation does not end up its deterioration. Both owners and professionals do not see the end of these difficulties .. But 2015 will be a year of transition or construction and demolition will progress well to finally undertake the modernization of the market.

2015: the year of major demolition and major projects .. Please forgive me this innocent and easy metaphor, however, likely to lay out the foundation stone for a new era (provided that the system takes a whole)

The facts

All around the world, even if everything was not so bad, the real estate markets would continue to go in crisis: the reasons are deep, not just cyclical, but structural: the prices are usually 30 to 40% too high, the transfer costs too high too, the widening gap between the curve in revenues and prices, obsolescence and wear the intermediate apparatus, cumbersome to if not its inertia, its technological backwardness, its inability to truly innovate and create new and suitable models.

Real estate is not a category of the economy. As such, real estate can not do everything alone, or even differ much total in an economic collapse, which many renowned analysts predict. Jim Rickards for example, provides the collapse of the US economy for May 2015.

Real Estate AuctionBut real estate, the first non virtual media – for now – of the economy, could end up renewing the structures of the market, contributing to some extent to participate in a possible rescue of all, in any case retain its status as a historic refuge, refuge for the purposes of investment.

2015 will see the rise of the first sales systems to real estate Internet auctions

And it will work like a turbo for the market.

As we have seen, these systems have existed for several years in the US, one of the leaders in term of innovation, auction.com, boasts more than 27 billion in sales through its real-time bidding system.

Those who think that auctions for real estate on the internet would be likely to drive down prices are mistaking: several measurements made in the context of this question shows that competitive bidding auction with conventional sales system on the same lot of goods gives the advantage prices achieved at auction.

In many other countries, the real-time auction system in line with the order of auctioneers is quite spectacular, striking technical and intelligence. It does not address even real estate. But the application could be broaden.

Some companies, having served on the net as conventional observers for auctions will attempt to scale up the implementation of real-time auctioning systems. They will not do it against the establishment very likely, but in cooperation with it. This is for example the case of the french site encheres-publiques.com already well appreciated by real estate professionals in France.

Now we see appearing a form of sales related auction: the announcement of the property offered for sale, regardless of the medium, on the internet or through magazines, not price door but said to offer. You will observe the development and generalization of these practices in the next few years.

20015 will be built in new details of real estate products

This should work as a powerful boost, a makeover for the market ..

In 2015 we will build up new investment funds

Funds for the real estate properties will be created in the example of Lafayette Real Estate background founded by Adrien Thibault who bets on US real estate in distress (foreclosures – foreclosed homes) to do his business. The figures are instructive and the conclusion is clear: the crisis only benefits the wealthiest.
His interview on November 15 on BFM Business Journal of the Greater New York is a must see if you want some entertainment. As Thibault Adrien said, we buy 45% of the value and then be passed on to customer rents. But beware, there be expertise, multi-dimensional: the study of crime rates in the neighborhood to verification of personal assessment of the potential tenant, home repair at the right financing, the study of development potential of the area in the selection of partner banks.

Picture of the Day: Evolution of Wages after the Real Estate Crisis in 2008?



wages after 2008 crisis

Evolution of wages in Germany, the USA, the UK and Spain since the 2008 crisis – Source Financial Times

Funding of Startups? 7 Myths We Try To Flush



What are the most common myths?

Among the pitfalls identified by the founder of the American social network Linkedin include:

– What is the true value of a fundraiser?
– Are table towers all structured in the same way?
– Should we hide or highlight your issues to investors?
– Is it true that not having competition is seen as a strength?
To discover the rest, here is his presentation:

The Glassdoor Recruitment Website Raises $ 70 Million



The job offers search engine called Glassdoor is booming and has just completed a fundraiser, with Google Ventures and Tiger Global mainly in the amount of $ 70 million for a valuation that would be near a billion dollars. This new round amounts to $ 160 million financing Glassdoor, which would provide for an IPO in 2015.

Created in 2007 by Robert Hohman, Rich Barton and Tim Besse Glassdoor is best known for its files societies where everyone is required to note the companies in which he worked. Glassdoor records to date more than 340,000 companies in 190 countries and 27 million registered members.

More than 2000 companies use Glassdoor services today, including managing their business pages.
Glassdoor has not provided information on its development plan, many analysts see it as a way to accelerate the international development of the company.

The global market for recruitment and recruitment tools in 2015 is estimated at over $ 90 billion.

Glassdoor online recruitment

Documentary: what about shale gas?



Criticized by some and praised by others, the emergence of shale gas is undoubtedly the highlight of the energy sector.
In the United States these gases now enable self-sufficiency and division of prices by 3 for individuals …

But this process as his cons and is not without risks.

Moreover, the implications of shale gas on the energy and geopolitical power relations appear substantial. This gas’ exploitation would shift the “energy” forces at the expense of Russia or Iran for example. The US massively buying gas have become self-sufficient thanks to shale gas. The crisis that weighs on demand, extensive liquefaction projects have matured in the Middle East, and shale gas prices plunged 50% gas. This reduction does not however reflected in the prices paid by individuals especially given the complex mechanisms of pricing of gas. In Europe, Poland is the first reserve with 5.3 trillion M3 or 3 centuries of domestic consumption. This country has issued 90 exploration licenses. France would represent the second reserve in Europe according to the US Energy Agency.

Online Real Estate Estimates Are Worthless Without a Good Agent Behind!



Lately we have seen many real estate networks purchasing online estimation tools in order to offer a more comprehensive real estate offer to their visitors!

At first glance, one might say that the estimation tools are a success … I think the contrary, these acquisitions highlight the weaknesses of the model online estimation tools.

I do not know in detail the financial situations of the companies mentioned, but just a simple Google search to find that most online estimation tools have been trying to find new owners for 1 year now.

So, this acquisition raises a lot of questions about the model of online real estate estimation sites.

A model not that good …in my own opinion.

real estate estimation toolsThe economic model of real estate websites estimation problem from the beginning. Indeed, these sites have been very successful in generating leads for real estate projects, but do not really have managed to monetize or at least be strong enough to absorb the cash advance that follows. Let me explain:

The online estimation tools have a hit to identify real estate projects. Those owners who are not yet ready to sell learn about prices through online simulation. Any bet for estimated sites is to get the owner to follow until he will decide to sell his property.

Except that their model is based on the sharing of the commission, which is a problem! Indeed, a lead generated in January 2013, will perhaps decide to sell in October 2013 and the sale will take place in January 2014 … all the while the estimation website has spent money to acquire the lead, raise the lead … except that the return on investment comes only much later, if it happens one day …

Indeed, beyond the cash aspect, the real challenge is in transforming the lead mandate and sale. This is the crucial stage where the agent makes the difference. Except that this milestone, online estimation sites have until now decided to delegate to external partners (agents immo partners).

This is the weak point of all these sites of online real estate estimates and everyone has been aware of it for some time.

A win for real estate professionals

The model estimation websites takes a hit and the big winners are the networks that buy these websites. In addition to a team and a credit to those networks redeem a great tool to generate internal mandate. And we all know that whoever controls the stock control the market …

These acquisitions are ultimately a victory for realtors showing that make real estate is more than just assessing a price using an algorithm and must be behind the men to do the job!

I think Artemis (and these two officers networks) have a bright future ahead of them, because they just pay for a tool that has the ability to generate leads them a package which provide agents which they often lack: of mandates.

And you, what do you think of this?

Celebrate Your Victories … but Not Too Early



I am a strong believer of the “Work Hard, Play Hard” and the necessary celebration of “small victories” when building a business.

Indeed, it’s a job so hard, uncertain, frustrating and where one is never really 100% sure to have made it … it is essential to rejoice when small steps are made, when there are small victories for example a first customer, a first job, first settled, initial financing, a productive week, a first invitation to speak on his favorite subject. We need to find little rituals when going well. We had set , when I was still managing my husband firm, a “round of good news,” where each week, each prospect should give good news to the team. This was sometimes not much, I remember the “we received our business cards and crazy about,” “my computer finally made it”, “trainee comm ‘happened” … but also from time to time, and sometimes for projects where everything was rather dark for weeks, new really, really encouraging.

This is a true thing in the lives of entrepreneurs: we are optimistic, but it is clear that it is difficult to always be super happy, super positive, especially when one is in a period rather “bad” in this infernal cycle that is the “roller coaster entrepreneurial”.

This video reminds me of this: please do not run only after the final victory, most resale of a box or a big big big success. Neither deceive objectives: the race is not over when you have his head on TV or if it raises a lot of money, it is often only the beginning!

On the contrary, take pleasure in celebrating the small victories and see the positive in everyday life, with with your team!

And you, what are the small victories you like to celebrate?