Natural Ways To Increase Your Sperm Count

We will be discussing the issues infertility and how you can boost your sperm count naturally.

The Subject at Hand

Most people often accuse women of the cause of infertility in most cases. The issue of infertility can be blamed on men because they cause over 50% of this problem.

What Makes Men Infertile?

Infertility in men has to do with numbers, and this is related to sperm count. Having a healthy sperm count is very important because it has to do with childbearing. Hence, not only the number is substantial, but other factors and physiological things that are essential in childbearing as well.

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Improving Your Sperm Count

Men’s reproductive system is not as mild as it looks. To have excellent reproductive health, you will need to consider some factors. Before we go into how you can boost your can have a healthy reproductive system we will go into what sperm count means.

What does Sperm Count Mean?

Sperm count is the number of heads that are present in every sperm of every man. The World Health Organization (WHO) given standard is 20 million head of sperm for every millimeter of your cum.

When you ejaculate, your semen quantity is about 2 millimeter which could give around 40 million heads of sperm.

What is The Reason for Having So Much Of Sperm Heads?

One of the reasons is that it could be challenging to make pregnancy happen when needed. The journey which the heads will embark upon from the cervix to the ovary is challenging. Two fallopian tubes are present in the female reproductive system which carries the female eggs.

Only one of the two fallopian tubes has the eggs at each time. These make 90-95% of the sperm head dies along their way to the eggs. Also, most of them will go into the empty fallopian tube.

It’s a known fact that sperm life sperm is short, this makes the timing of the intercourse important as the sperm heads need to get to the egg on time.

Improving your sperm count is vital because, with

normal sperm motility for pregnancy

higher amounts, you are likely to achieve your aim of impregnating. Having a low sperm count doesn’t condemn you for having a child. It merely means the following:

  • You would need more time to get someone pregnant.
  • Changing your diet, lifestyle and the use of dietaries needs to be checked.
  • You need to do more calculation of the intercourse so the death rate can be cut down.
  • Be advised to seek the help of a medical doctor for professional advice.

How to Increase Your Sperm Counts

It’s great news to know that there are ways in which you can increase your sperm count. Here are some of the things you can do to boost your sperm.

Stop Smoking:

Quit smoking can be very beneficial to your quest has your sperm growth has to do with your overall wellbeing.

Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption:

Just like smoking, alcohol consumption is a detriment to your health. Stop or reducing it can be beneficial to your wellbeing which in turn, boost your sperm counts.

Avoid the Use of Illicit Drugs:

Try to cut down on the processed and junk food which you consume as it also dangerous to your health. You should eat more of organic foods which have high-quality protein and low fat, this could be more expensive, but if you can afford, then try to make your diet balanced.

Regular Exercise:

There are some hormones which are released into the body through stress which can damage the sperm. Regular exercise can reduce this hormone to it lowest.

Avoid Cycling Exercise:

Cycling is one form of exercise that you need to avoid. Over cycling-workout can also harm or stressed the testicles.

You can also reduce the timing of your intercourse to 3-5 days interval to give room for more sperm production(discuss this with your physician).

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Observe Early Morning Sex:

Research has shown that sperm count is high in the morning. Always try your best to have intercourse in the early hour of the morning.

Avoid Hot Bath:

Stop taking your bath with hot water and putting on skintight underwear because the heat can harm your sperm.

Use Supplement:

You can also consider using supplements that can boost your semen quantity/quality and even improve your reproductive health.

Using the right supplements is one thing that can improve your sperm count rapidly.

Therefore, these are things that you can do to improve your sperm counts naturally. Also, make sure to sort after professional advice from your doctor.