Scrotum Yeast Infection

fungi infection

Yeast infection is a common fungal infection that affects people regardless of gender. Yeast infection is common in women but the truth is women are not the only ones that can be affected by this infection. Men too are susceptible to yeast infection and most of them care less about it as it may not be very easy to notice. One such kind of yeast infection that affects men is scrotum yeast infection.

The scrotum is a very inviting area for yeast infection especially during hot periods when most people tend to sweat. Sweat and heat trapped in the area create a conducive environment for breeding of bacteria causing yeast infection.

Causes of Scrotum Yeast Infection

There are several causes of scrotum yeast infection in men. They include:

  • Damage scrotum skin by fungi
  • Weak immune system
  • Use of antibiotics
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Sex with partners infected by yeast
  • Diet with much sugar, wheat products, and corn.

When you use medications such as antibiotics, eat unhealthy diet, or consume much alcohol, you cause the disturbance between the bad and good bacteria in your body leading to the death of good bacteria in your digestive system.  The yeast fungi inside and outside your body then gets a conducive environment for propagation and eventually developing scrotum yeast infection.  Have sex with an infected partner helps spread the yeast fungi on the scrotum leading to the multiplication of the fungi on the scrotum.

Symptoms of scrotum yeast infection include; skin reddening, itchy scrotum, burning sensation on the scrotum, swelling, and irritation and pain during urination.

Treatment of scrotum yeast fungi

There are various ways you can use to treat scrotum yeast fungi. If you are so sure that you are suffering from yeast fungi, you can get over the counter creams and apply on the infected parts as per the instructions. There are also oral medications that can be prescribed by your doctor if the creams are not effective. One such oral drug is known as Fluconazo.

Scrotum yeast fungi is a dangerous infection that can affect your fertility, so if you see any of the symptoms, seek medical advice and get treatment immediately.