What You Should Know Before You Enhance Your Penis

Naturally, men tend to find countless reasons to compare themselves to others, especially in the groin reason. According to statistics, the average penis size in the United States is about 5.5 inches.

Thus, men below five inches are considered small. However, do not be fooled by what you see in adult films are actors selected based on their above average size.

So here is the main question: does size REALLY matter?

While many women claim to praise that the size of a man’s penis is not important, that is only half the truth. In reality, women are looking for a loving partner that knows how to use the right techniques.

However, in anonymous surveys, more women claim that the penis size is actually important, aesthetically. There is no need to panic.

According to a research, 85% of women are reported to be happy with the size of their partner, while only 55% of men were claimed to be satisfied with their own size.

The good news is that the average vagina is nearly 4.5 inches deep. While it is very stretchable, having a huge penis will make it nearly impossible to try new positions. This means that having an average or a bit below average penis is not so bad after all.

How is the size of the penis determined?

Just like any other train that is inherited, this also plays a strong role in the size of a man’s penis.

The timeline where the testicular activity between the third to fourth months of age is where the testes start to grow and develop. However, the follicle stimulating hormone secretion is considered to be suppressed by estrogen as nearly 1/3 of infants receive estrogen from soy, which inhibits the production of testosterone in the body.

Consuming the appropriate intake of natural vasodilators will help aid in widening the arteries and relax the muscles. Eating foods that are rich in potassium such as tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, beetroot, garlic, and celery will go well in promoting an increase in size.

It is also recommended to eat high fiber items and foods rich in vitamin E to prevent oxidation that causes stress to the body. All these items will help ensure a healthy balance in the hormones and contribute to the penis size.

Poor Habits
Bad habits such as smoking will play a role on the numerous tissues and body organs. As blood is responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients to the body, smoking will affect the heart as it damages the blood vessel lumen.

Treatments Used to Increase Penis Growth
With the major demand to enhance the penis size, plenty of companies claim to have the “magical” cure to grow your penis – which usually comes with a high price.

To enhance your penis, you will have the options to use pills or performance supplements, patches, enlargement exercises, suction devices and enlargement surgery.

Are any of these methods effective?

Neither food nor enhancement supplements will be able to help your penis grow dramatically. While all enhancement pills strive to increase the blood flow, this may also lead to harder erections and will stop becoming effective once you stop taking the supplements.

That is why many end up wasting money for minimal effects, except those who can afford high graded formulated pills – but they don’t come too cheap.

On the other hand, surgery can help increase the size, but with its own share of risks. The risk of penile enlargement surgery is associated with risks that include anesthesia, pain from scars, would healing deficits, deformities, and permanent erectile problems.

Penis extenders are also becoming increasingly popular.  However, they can also lead to permanent damage. In worst case, over usage of a penis extender will result in an erectile dysfunction, the inability to maintain an erection for periods of time.

You do not have to waste your time and money on male enhancement products that will not work. The most you will gain are various risk of health issues.

The penis consists of chambers of spongy tissue that absorbs the blood and reaches the penis. When exercises are done in the right way, it will expand the size of the chambers and absorb more blood.

Before you consider penile enlargement exercises, consider the following to instantly enhance the overall aesthetic of the penis.

Shaving your pubic region will not only enhance the appearance of the penis size but also avoid pulling your hair when practicing the exercises.

Eat Vitamin-Rich Meal
Prepare a strong diet plan that consists of meals rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein. Also, be sure to consume enough water on a daily basis.

Improve Mood
Always start your penile exercises with a positive attitude. Having a negative impact on the process will make enlargement all the most difficult.

Use Quality Moisturizer
Always apply a quality moisturizer before you perform the exercises. Never use soap or shampoo, as they will lead to irritation and redness of the skin. Once they are used for long periods of time, it will lead to cracks and cuts. Consider using intensive care Vaseline, as this will prevent irritation or damage to the penis.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Hot Cloth Warm Up
To include the blood flow, this process will make the skin flexible. Start by soaking a towel in warm water and wrap it around the penis and shaft. The initial feeling may feel uncomfortable, as the warmth will warm up the penis and gently massage the penis.

Jelq Method
The Jelq method will enlarge penis by as much as 10 inches in length if started early on during the teen years. It will increase blood flow in the corpora cavernosa and enhance the growth of the shaft cells. The Jelq method will also tear down the muscle fibers and grow stronger.

You can stay by warming up the penis region with a hot cloth. Grasp the base of the semi-erect penis and make an “O” shape with your thumb and forefinger. In a “milking” movement, reach the tip with your right hand and hold the base of the penis with your left. Continue this exercise for at least 20 minutes a day.

Pubococcygeus Flex
The PC muscles extend from the pubic bone to the coccyx. It will protect the body from impotence, control ejaculation, and result in a stronger erection. Start by locating the PC muscles and follow the squeeze and relief

How do I reduce the size of my penis?

On occasions, there are some men with a large sized penis that want to reduce the size for various reasons. While this can be done, there is still a risk of damage or that the operation might go unplanned.


The biggest issue about having a small penis that women find is not the penis itself, but the man who it belongs. As every penis is different in size and form, you can still have an amazing sex life no matter your size.

It is important to understand that the majority of stimulation a woman feels during intercourse is from her clitoris rather than her vagina. The key is to relax and show confidence. Don’t let the size of your manhood control your self-esteem.